Gluten Free Procedure

I take great care to avoid cross contamination in my kitchen while still offering gluten free and traditional baked goods. 

The following are steps I take to mitigate the risk of cross contaminating flours. 

1. All of my gluten free baking is done first. Only after all my gluten free products are completely packaged, do I begin my traditional baking. 

2. Separate storage areas. I store ingredients used for gluten free baking in a separate cupboard than the ingredients I use for traditional baking. 

3. Dedicated cooling racks. As my products are awaiting packages, they rest on racks dedicated to either gluten free or traditional baking.

4. Best practice sanitation. I sanitize my entire kitchen between every batch using a bleach dilution. Additionally, I double wash every baking tool I use; once a dish is washed by hand it is sent through the dishwasher.

My products are all produced under the Michigan Cottage food law, In a home kitchen where all common allergies may be present.

If you have any questions about my gluten free process, please feel free to reach out to me.